ISOLE DI BRISSAGO – parco botanico

MONDAY, 12th June

Today our day began at 09:00 and ended just after 21:00 with many hours driving time for Erika. From Regensdorf we headed towards the Island of San Pancrazio, Lake Maggiore. This meant driving through the GOTTHARD Tunnel.

THE GOTTHARD ROAD TUNNEL runs from Goschenen in the Canton of Uri to Airolo in Ticino in the south and is 16.9 km (10.5 m) in length below the St. GOTTHARD Pass, a major pass of the Alps. It is currently the fourth longest road tunnel in the world.

On arrival at Porto Ronco where we were to board the Ferry we had time to enjoy lunch overlooking the Lake, with a view across to the Island.

THE BOTANICAL GARDEN of the Canton of Ticino is located on the island. Founded in 1885 by Antoinette St. Leger, it is owned since 1950 by the Canton and the municipalities of Ascona, Brissago and Ronco sopra ASCONA. Sub-tropical plants are cultivated on more than 2.5 hectares thanks to the climate, with mild temperatures and high precipitation. The core of the collections are species from five Mediterranean regions of the world: the Mediterranean region, the Cape region of South Africa, the Californian coast, Western Australia and Central Chile.

What joy to be in such a beautiful place. Thanks to Erika for being our Tour Guide once again and for the hours of driving involved.

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