TUESDAY, 13th June

Today 3 became 4 at lunch time when we went to Romanshorn on Lake Constance (Konstanz) to meet Anna, one of Erika’s friends. We met at Restaurant Hafen on the marina. Once again we had beautiful weather, enjoyed the meal and the surroundings and especially enjoyed the company. After Anna retuned to work we walked along the Lake and through the gardens – a clear, calm day!


Architecture from different eras characterises St. Gallen’s cityscape. We strolled through the attractive Old Town with its quaint narrow streets. Exactly 111 Oriel Windows adorn the facades of houses in the pedestrian zone and they bear witness to the  successful textile buyers who used to live here.

The Town Church between Abbey and Town – the city of St. Gallen owes its very existence to the Abbey of St. Gallen. Still today the abbey precincts form the inner core of the town.  “On 5th April 1524 the preachers of the municipal church St. Laurenzen were ordered by the town council to keep to the holy scriptures (clearly, definitely and according to the correct Christian interpretation when preaching – without mixing in any human extras which are not founded on the Bible). On this basis, the core of the church was thoroughly reorganised in a new way. The city of St. Gallen recognised neither Pope nor Bishop, and restructured not only the church service but also all teaching and charity for the poor. In theological terms, the Zurich reformer Zwingli was taken as the reference point. Luther’s teachings were also important…..”

Cathedral of St. Gallen – Constructed from 1755-66, St. Gallen Cathedral is one of the last monumental sacred buildings of the late baroque period and features eastern and western rotundas that symmetrically frame the nave and chancel. The choir stall, comprising historic organ and 84 beautifully carved seats is an artwork in itself. The eastern crypt goes back to the 9th century.

Abbey Library of St. Gallen – founded 719, the library is one of the most significant historical libraries worldwide. With around 170,000 volumes (handwritten manuscripts, early prints and books), the library is home to a unique collection that reaches back to the 8th century. Today’s library hall, which also features exhibitions, was built between 1758 and 1767 and is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Winterthur Rose Garden – the decorative rose garden (Rosengarten) lies directly above the Old Town on the  Heiligberg. There are dozens of healthy roses,(2,900 bushes) from 300 different varieties, in a beautiful peaceful setting – an oasis of calm.  The Villa and garden belonged to the Reinhart family from 1911. The rose garden was set up in 1964 when Winterthur celebrated 700 years.


4 thoughts on “ST. GALLEN (PLUS!)

  1. Ah beautiful St Gallen. this did bring back many l memories for us the library , the Old town and a step back in time . just beautiful

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