WEDNESDAY, 14th June


The unique charm of this small town on upper Lake Zurich with its beautifully preserved buildings and houses dating back to the Middle Ages draws visitors from around the globe. The population is approximately 27,000.  We enjoyed strolling the alleys of the historic area which is protected as a national monument. There are twelve catholic and reformed churches in RAPPERSWIL-JONA.

ROSE GARDEN  The coat of arms of Rapperswil-Jona has always had two roses. In 1958 the Tourist Association promoted – “more roses in the City of Roses so that the City of Roses really does become a City of Roses”. Now, from May to October, more than 20,000 rose bushes of approximately 600 varieties bloom. The Rose Garden we chose to visit is next to the vineyard at the Capuchin Monastery.


The SELEGER Moor covers 12 hectares of public park and another 12 hectares of tree nurseries. The Park, established in 1953, is in Rifferswil and is the largest rhododendron and azalea park in Switzerland. It is set in the middle of open country surrounded by intense agricultural land. There are many very large old trees which give a great canopy for the growing of Tree Peonies, Hydrangeas, Ferns and Bulbs and there are wet areas with ponds displaying beautiful water lilies. The dedicated gardeners are constantly busy with maintenance, a major part of which is dead-heading the millions of flowers. We enjoyed our stroll through the area.

Another great day in Switzerland!


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