THURSDAY, 15th June

Another day in Switzerland when I have had great difficulty in choosing photos to include in this Post. The scenery is truly something to behold. Erika drove to Brulisau where we boarded the Cable Car for an 8 minute ride to the top of Hoher Kasten, a vertical ride of 870 metres.  It is 5,890 ft. above Sea Level with many walking trails and an Alpine Garden. Along the Europe Loop Trail are 300 types of plants in their natural surroundings. At the top is a Revolving Restaurant but the weather was so beautiful that, when lunch time came, we decided to sit outside to enjoy the schnitzel.

There is a 360 degree panoramic view where we could see into six European countries, namely Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein, Italy and France. Cloud drifted across the scene from time to time but the Rhine River was always evident.

APPENZELL – The car free village of APPENZELL is situated in a beautiful landscape of rolling hills alongside the River  Glatt. It is well-known for its colourful houses with painted facades. It is known for CHEESE. The history of APPENZELLER cheese goes back 700 years. The cheese is still made in individual cheese dairies but is marketed under a joint brand name. The cheese makers never divulge the secrets of its production. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I am sure it would be cheese. Erika has stocked up on many Swiss cheeses for me to taste and APPENZELLER is high on the list.



  1. good memories again, although it was a bit foggy when we were there. Every thing is just so beautiful and clean. ( no brown grass)

  2. Wonderful evocative photos Shirley. It looks like Erika is singing – maybe “the hills are alive with the sound of music” ??!!

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