TUESDAY, 20th June

At 09:00 we were on our way to the Trolley Bus Stop where we would catch a No. 1 to BERGISAL, once again using our Innsbruck Card both for the transport and for entry to the Bergisel-Sprungstadion.  Once at the BERGISAL terminus for the trolley bus we had an up-hill walk to the entry to the stadium. It was good to be early as the tourist buses hadn’t arrived. Once again the weather was perfect. The 50m high ski jump tower with restaurant (an orange juice for us) and viewing platform has become one of the city’s new emblems.

The Architect, Zaha Hadid, is one of the leading Architects of our time, known for extreme avant-garde architecture with extra-ordinary visual effects.She was born in Baghdad, studied in London and has taught at Harvard, Yale and other Universities.

TYROLEAN FOLK SHOW (Tiroler Alpenbuhne Gundolf) Sandwirt Restaurant Innsbruck at 20:30 – pick up from Hotel Zach at 18.45 and back after the show at a cost of 5 Euros each.   WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT!!!  – many months ago I had booked on-line. This booking could have been for 19:00 and included a set meal but I chose the ‘show only’ option as I thought we may have been out for the day. When we asked the girl at hotel reception to make a booking for ‘pick-up’ she encouraged us to take the 18:45 option which we did. The taxi was on time and collected others along the way to the Sandwirt Restaurant. On arrival we were seated at a table for the meal even though I had tried to explain that we were for ‘show only’. We decided to go with the flow and pay the extra when asked to do so. (I was feeling a little guilty). The meal was enjoyable – soup/salad/schnitzel/strudel. Everything here is done by the family, be it kitchen, serving, front of house or performing (or all) so old and young all have jobs to do. A young lass in traditional dress finally came to check my paperwork and asked us to report to her at the entry of the Concert Hall when we had finished our meal. On entry she introduced us to her mother who showed us to our seats (possibly the best in the house) – I felt like the Queen. This was in an auditorium holding approximately 500 people of all nationalities (many large Tour Groups).

The one and a half hours just flew by. It was a first class show that could only put a smile on one’s face as people from all around the world enjoyed the skillful performance of the family members brought in voice, dance, and music as they portrayed many aspects of their culture. The Gundolf family can rely on a long music tradition dating right back to the 19th century. TYROLEAN evenings have been organised since 1967.

When acknowledging countries present, Australia was called and we were two of only four to stand and be clapped and cheered as Waltzing Matilda was sung.


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