FRIDAY, 23rd June

Who would have thought that we two visitors from Australia would come to Salzburg Austria in June to experience 35 degrees C. We left our Hotel at 08:30 this morning to visit first, HELLBRUNN Palace. This meant a bus ride and then short walk to arrive by 09:15. We joined a large contingent of school children and a number of adults for a Trick Fountains Tour at 09:30. Today the Trick Fountains are just as much fun as they were in the Renaissance – beautifully preserved and absolutely unique.  The HELLBRUNN Palace with its Trick Fountains was not actually the residence of Archbishop Markus Sittikus (1612-1619), it was built for his pleasure. He used it as his summer retreat. Markus Sittikus built countless surprises, hidden fountains and enchanting caves into the trick fountain area. It was great for us that the schoolchildren were there today as the sound effects (many screams) created a reality that only kids can produce. The Tour Guide gave information first in German and then in English and often gave the nod to adults to move to another place, although some remained in wrong places and got quite wet. The children, of course, loved every minute of it.

HELLBRUNN PALACE PARK – Art historians see the park as a “cabinet of wonders” in garden architecture. “Younger experts can explore the most beautiful playground in the city and the health conscious can wade through the water wonder garden”. In a corner of the Park sits the Gazebo from Sound of Music – Tourist buses make it a photo stop for TOURISTS on a Sound of Music Tour.

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