FRIDAY, 23rd June – 20:00 uhr

Months ago we had booked seats for this Concert in the Marble Hall of MIRABELL Palace. It was our night for a Mozart experience and what an amazing concert it was. Knowing that we were in Area No. 1, I was hoping that I had chosen well. When at the desk converting my print-out to a ticket, the lady’s face lit up when she said “front row, centre seats”. There were just ten seats in the front row and we were seats five and six.

Ensemble1756 was founded in Salzburg in the year 2006. Stunningly, the ‘Mozart City’ was missing an ensemble that would put its primary focus on the original interpretation of Mozart’s works on historical instruments. The original instruments, the intensive work with stylistics and rhetoric of the 18 Century and a balanced combination of instruments, oriented towards the historic rules – that’s how the ensemble makes the music sound authentic. As an auditor once noted All you’re missing is the original Mozart-air”. The “Orchestra 1756″ designed regular concert Series in Salzburg and Vienna, especially the ongoing rehearsals and concerts in the Viennese St. Charles church led to an exceptional consonance and harmony”.

What a night!!!!! The performers were totally absorbed in the music but also showed feeling in their facial expressions and body movements. Martin Osiak on the Barockvioline was exceptional in the demonstration not just of his amazing skill but his absolute love for music and his instrument. After a standing ovation and an encore we made our way back to the hotel by 22:15 – it was only just dark.

Apologies for photography but it was not a time or place to be obvious with a camera – managed a few from my lap for the memory bank.


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