WEDNESDAY, 28th June


Our day started with the alarm at 06:00 at the Hotel in Vienna. We had booked a taxi for 07:00 and it was waiting for us when we got to reception. There were three of us travelling to the airport as Erika was flying back to Zurich a little later in the morning. We were not sure whether she would be allowed through to the overseas International    Departure area so were pleased that, with a bit of sweet talking (in German, of course) she was able to join us for breakfast.  Time to say Goodbye – not easy when parting from a friend. The word “goodbye”originates as a parting prayer of blessing, “God be with Ye” (from the heart).

HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – In its bid to become a tourist destination of the future, the oil-rich nation of Qatar has gone all-out to impress visitors. With eighty designer stores and shops selling gold, travellers can spend while they wait.There are works of art like the over-sized Lamp Bear by a Swiss artist. Extravagance has been taken to another level with gold-plated coffee kiosks.There are huge futuristic play areas for children.

We had 5 hours on the ground so had plenty of time to walk, explore, have a light meal and chat to other South Australians awaiting the direct flight to Adelaide, South Australia arriving at 17:35 on Thursday 29th June. Pat’s home is in Western Australia so she had a Domestic flight to Perth the next day. We certainly had a wonderful 8 weeks together and I am thankful to her and to all friends, both old and new, who made the time so memorable.

In future days I may add to this, my Diary, as I know that special times will come to mind as I revisit my photographs.


  1. Shirley, what an amazing holiday. Thank you for sharing the journey with us. I both revisited and newly visited many places through your lovely commentary and photographs. May the continuing memories enrich your life in every way and the Lord bless your future footsteps as He leads.

    • Joan, I have been blessed to know that MY DIARY has given enjoyment to many of my friends but also to many I have never met. May it be an encouragement to any who are considering travel whatever their age!!

  2. Yes Shirley I agree, we had a wonderful 8 weeks. We saw and experienced so much, met old friends and introduced to new friends also. Still processing all the things we learned in our travels. Loved learning of the history in the various places we visited and also seeing the beauty of God’s creation. Enjoyed seeing how the past has shaped the lives of the people living in Europe, Britain & Channel Islands and how people & places have been restored after great devastation.
    Was a blessing to travel with you.

    • Yes Pat – sharing with friends and strangers along the way are special times to remember. What a privilege to be able to delight in God’s creation in many parts of the world….

  3. You finally made it to the end! Have loved reading your blog. There are some posts I missed and will hopefully be able to go back and fill in the gaps. Especially loved the photos this time. Pleased to see a few of you. Thank you for sharing all the details.

    • Eight weeks without stopping for breath! We did so much and enjoyed it all. It is good to come home with my diary in Blog form knowing that others have enjoyed travelling with us.

  4. Welcome Home, Shirley! Praise God for his love and care of you all while travelling. Loved every moment of your blog. Thanks for being so diligent! Felt like I was with you when I read such thorough descriptions! Will be nice to hear more of your stories now you’re home. Love Caroline

    • Thanks Caroline – Sharing my journey has been a privilege. My late Father kept a diary back in the seventies and eighties and I still learn when reading of their travels. I never considered that I would one day be the one writing the Diary. How blessed I have been and I am thankful. Love Shirley

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