So how do things look different: Year 2 in Phnom Penh

  • We no longer take running water and electricity for granted. The Prime Minister has just announced daily power cuts for at least the next three months. Selfishly we are not so concerned if they happen during the day while we’re at work (where we have a generator) but imagine the plethora of small businesses whose livelihood will be compromised. The plan is 6 – 12 on day one and 12 – 6 on day 2, on rotation. Overnight it is not so great. Last night power was off (for unknown reasons) – not part of the scheduled cuts.
  • About 70% of our staff have no running water in their houses, and haven’t had now for more than a month. A drought year and poor infrastructure have combined for the ‘perfect storm’ (no pun intended) to ensure that without a household pump you may have water to your front yard, but not into the house. Fortunately for us the situation in our Borey at present is OK. No great pressure, but we can still shower and flush inside!
  • We don’t talk about the weather much. There is an element of wondering when the rain will come, but otherwise each day is simply ‘hot’ so there is little point commenting on the temperature otherwise. Temperatures didn’t go below 32 degrees in the December/January cool season!

From the Phnom Penh Post.                                                                      ‘The statement, which cited a government directive on water preservation from last Thursday, said Cambodian weather is set to be heavily influenced by the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, a weather event involving a cycle of warm and cold temperatures impacting the tropics and subtropics.                                                                                                  During El Niño, temperatures can rise to highs of 42 degrees Celsius, with very little rain. This will result in the government issuing a cautionary statement on Thursday which raised concerns about the possibility of a drought in the Kingdom in April and May’.        

                                                                                                                          This of course has significant implications for the many rice and other agricultural producers here in Cambodia.

  • We are enjoying improved access to some local facilities. There is now an Aeon 2 Mall (named after the original which is located  in city central) within 15 minutes’ ride of us. This brings all the trappings of a western style mall with an Asian flavour. There is a supermarket, many small stores; from designer to the equivalent of ‘cheap as chips’ (here called the 7900 riel store i.e $1.90); a cinema where we were fortunate to see ‘the Green Book’ recently; and numerous coffee and eating options. In addition ‘Global House’ has opened and is something like Bunnings and Home Hardware with some Myer and David Jones thrown in for good measure.                                          Who would have thought that wandering in a mall could become a chosen pastime…… but the air-conditioning is a drawcard!
  • Work continues to bring new and interesting opportunities. David has continued to make further facilities improvements: netball court marked and posts made; new preschool play area built, fenced and equipped; cladding around the external courts…. and new role as ‘art assistant’ while the Middle schoolers recently worked on a wooden toy project in Art.          I am working with our staff to finalise our transition to a more effective reporting system, upskill people in working with students with various learning needs and facilitating sessions to look at more progressive pedagogical approaches.

Our biggest work stress point is a lack of staff applicants for the new school year starting in August: we are still seeking a Primary Principal: a Principal for Siem Reap: three primary teachers: a Business teacher: middle school maths/science/English/SOSE – two positions: Music: drama: English Language Learner coordinator and teacher and a Learning Support coordinator…. and two maternity leave replacements in Art and for our Librarian. Oh, and our IT Manager is leaving!                                                                                    If anyone has any interested contacts, please share or pass on my email ……                                                         otherwise life may be a little busy for any blog updates for next year.


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